The town of  Montepulciano  is situated halfway between  Rome  and Florence , in the Chianti area, southern province of  Siena . The location is on the border between  Umbria  and Tuscany , between the valleys of Chiana and Orcia. From Montepulciano it will be easy to arrive in the near cities as  Cortona Assisi Pienza Perugia  and Arezzo . Orgine of Etruscan Borgo  Poliziano  was one of the landmarks of the Italian Renaissance and is now a place of tourism. Visitors who spend their  holidays in Tuscany  and Montepulciano will be delighted by monumentsand churches like the Cathedral of  San Biagio  and  Montepulciano  buildings andplaces of worship, but also by the scents of  Tuscan cuisine and wines. Montepulciano  is in fact the city of prestigious wines such as  Vino Nobile di Montepulciano  (also known as Rosso di Montepulciano Picks), a Tuscan wine thatwas defined by Francesco Redi that "every wine is its king. " But the town of  Montepulciano  is not only wineries and vineyards, in fact, important events are held here such as Bruscello, the Bravio delle Botti and the manifestations of the Cantiere Internazionale d'Arte (International Art Workshop). The world of cinema has not remained indifferent to the beauty of the place, Montepulciano  has in fact made the scene of several movies including A Dream of Midsummer Night, The English Patient, In the Name of the Pope King, Honeymoon (Hochzeitsreise) to the latest " Under the Tuscan Sun " and Twillight New Moon  by Chris Weitz film based on the novel by Stephenie Meyer with Robert Pattinson as the vampire Edward Cullen. Staying at our Farmhouse Hotel in Montepulciano  you will then visit and relive the same atmosphere of the novels and films. Christmas, New Year, Valentine's Day, Easter, August Bank Holiday, but not only ... Montepulciano  and our Farmhome  are the ideal choice for a vacation in Italy or a  romantic holiday .

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