Admiring the flowers in different seasons of the sunflowers, the harvest and the harvest, you can indulge in a walk or bike
The farm is nestled in the vineyards of our property and here during the months of September and October are busily work the harvest.
  In fact, we produce our wines, using traditional methods and in full respect of nature.
  You can follow this ancient practice and enjoy all its charms, not least, finally, you can taste our products.
  Around then, there are pristine wooded spots to explore. For nature lovers are then possible activities such as hiking, mountain biking and birdwatching.
For those looking for something more adventurous, a few miles from our hotel is offering an exciting avioclub glides on our valley.
  However, anyone who offers a relaxing holiday can enjoy our beautiful swimming pool or the beneficial effects of the nearby hot springs (S. Albino, Chianciano) and thermal baths (Bagni San Filippo and Bagno Vignoni).
  Those visiting the Tuscany you probably know that this land has an ancient wine tradition. The visitor will soon discover that the wine is a bit 'the leitmotif, the activity around which the life of our country moves.
The wine world in Tuscany has changed with respect to other Italian regions, numerous sconvoglimenti past three decades.The Chianti wine for generations has been internationally recognized as Italian wine.
He was very popular since the seventeenth century and in 1716 the Grand Duke of Tuscany, established the precise boundaries of the Chianti area, as this was shamelessly copied in other parts of Italy.
Since the sixties, however, this wine, while ambassador 'Italy and abroad with its characteristic straw fiasco from the base, proved to be prone to become dry and tasteless.
  Only a few realized that the precursors Tuscan wine had all the cards in order to reverse the situation. Chianti has, however, the excellent quality that can potentially be exploited in a favorable terrain such as Montalcino, Montepulciano and Carmignano.
  Today, the invasion of international varieties is giving way to a widespread pride in all that is Tuscany.
Substituting considered lower quality clones of the Sangiovese grape is making space as a huge potential and although the production of Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay can be considered among the best in the world there is a rival worthy of Tuscan Sangiovese.

The Vino Nobile di Montepulciano comes from vineyards on the hills of Val d'Orcia and Val di Chiana.
This wine is of ancient origin so that in the seventeenth century was known and considered the favorite drink of the nobles and lords, and from there it derives its name.
Today, while being accessible to all, this wine has retained its prestige and its noble spirit. Since 1989, Noble has become a Denomination of Origin Controlled and Guaranteed, in the last fifteen years, in fact the wine heritage of Montepulciano has been enhanced and protected in order to make the Vino Nobile one of the most prestigious Italian wines.
Its composition is prescribed by law and provides a 80% Sangiovese (in our land it is replaced by a clone of the native Blackthorn Gentile), the Canaiolo Nero (10-20%) and other local wines always required by law.
It is left in oak barrels for about two years and is likely to be aged.
E 'color more or less intense garnet color with orange reflections due to aging.
The 'delicate aroma of violets is more or less intense, the taste is dry and slightly tannic.
The alcohol content is 12.5 °. Its taste rather strong and persistent means that should be matched with defined flavor dishes such as venison and game cheeses.

  During the summer months we organize many cultural and gastronomic tours of the neighborhood at a time medieval towns, wineries and olive mills.

    In addition to those who want to discover our prestigious Chianina beef is available for succulent barbecue grills.
      Chianina is one of the oldest breeds of cattle in Italy. It owes its name to the farming area: Val di Chiana. 
    Among the hypotheses on its origin seems to be corroborated what he sees as a breed, or at least existing from time immemorial.
    This breed is known and appreciated right from 'antiquity: the Etruscans and the Romans used white cattle and large, probably the ancestors of today's cattle of the Chiana Valley, and in triumphal processions for their sacrifices to the gods.
    The Chianina has always been admired for her beauty and vivacity of temperament.
    Valdichiana in the presence of cattle is also linked to the reclamation and rehabilitation of the valley of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

      A few miles away, there are also pubs and movie theaters.
      Even in the cooler months you can not get bored, you can, in fact, relax in the common room with a good book and a glass of wine or make fun excursions to the mountain resorts.
      Mount Amiata in fact is an hour's drive from the farm.