14km dall'Agriturismo Casa di Bacco

In the center of Montepulciano, pearl of '500, Elda e Pier created "Borgobuio", a beautiful restaurant in the cellars of sixteenth-century Palazzo Venturi whose splendid times, masterfully restored, still holding up the five floors of the palace from above.

Internally, in addition, you can admire a magnificent travertine well covered with coins designed to satisfy desires of love and luck.
A room of the restaurant is set in an underground cave that, in ancient times, was used as a barn, being connected to the main road through an opening through which the carriers paid the grain that was deposited.

With a so great scenario, Elda and Pier immediately created a place where they were satisfied all the senses, creating a restaurant whose kitchen was very inventive and unique sensibility, capable of distigue the dishes on offer and to witness the continual search for harmony flavors, the quality excellent run in parallel with the beauty of the place. The moments spent in Borgobuio will be an indelible memory in the realm of your emotions.

10% Discount will be applied to Casa di Bacco clients.

Via Borgo Buio 10
53045 Montepulciano (SI)

Phone Booking: 0578 717497

Closed on : Monday;
Kitchen close at 10.30pm


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