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The town of Cortona was one of 12 cities of the Etruscan League of its primitive cyclopean walls can still be seen just changed imposing sections by walls dating back to medieval times. Except a few fine Renaissance palaces, the prevailing character of Cortona is situated in the medieval streets and gives a strong sense of atmosphere. Given the elevated position, from every point of Cortona enjoys a wonderful panoramic view on the whole Val di Chiana. In the Etruscan Academy Museum, the works emerge that the Etruscan Chandelier of Cortona, one of the most celebrated bronzes of antiquity, and the "Polyhymnia Muse", an encaustic painting dating back to the 'Roman era, of extraordinary beauty. The Diocesan Museum displays works by Luca Signorelli, distinguished Renaissance painter and native of Cortona, a much-admired "Annunciation" by Beato Angelico. Noteworthy also is the old medieval churches of S. Francis and S. Domenico, Palazzo Casali renaissance facade, the Renaissance churches of S. Maria Nuova and S. Niccolò, valuable works of art of great value. Outside the city of Cortona are the Etruscan tomb called "Tanella of Pythagoras in Cannaia, Etruscan tombs and underground in the Sodo location Metelliano in the Romanesque church of S. Angelo, and the temple of the five hundred Calcinaio S. Maria delle Grazie. The monastery of Celle, founded by St. Francis, is one of the prettiest spots in the area. The "Via Crucis" Severini accompanies the mystic ascent linking the town overlooking the shrine of St. Margaret, in turn dominated by the powerful of the Girifalco fortress.

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